Monday, April 2, 2012

About My Blog

Welcome to my blog. :} My blog is dedicated to reviewing books ( if you want my opinion on a book just ask(: ). I will try to do one book a day, or even special requests( if I have read the book, I will put it up within forty-eight hours, if not please allow at least one week [ it might be less :}]). If I miss a day or two, I am sorry, the reason will most likely be that I have too much schoolwork or else I was practicing ( next year I am joining color guard at my school). I will start posting reviews tomorrow, 4-3-12. :) 
Have an Amazing rest of the day. 


  1. Awesomesauce, can't wait to get a read of your reviews, its hard being a novice blogger so we gotsta help each other out! :) Anyway, itd be great if you followed me so we could keep up!

  2. I am going to change some things about when i post a review. It will now be once a week, since I am about to take three ACT tests in the next three weeks, and I have a limit on how long I'm allowed on the blog, sorry.

  3. Hey, I really like this layout and look forward to reading your reviews. I see the Hush Hush one and will check out your thoughts on it after I finish this post. I thought the book was about a B. I enjoyed it and bought the sequel, but I guess I've just found myself not a huge overall fan of angel books. I'm sure as soon as I jump back into it I'll enjoy it and get the next book, but I don't know when that will be exactly, haha. Anyway - I have a contest starting over on my blog . You're actually already a follower. That's what led me here. Just trying to garner up a little interest for the contest before I have to surrender and get back to finals studying. If you check it out, good luck!

    1. haha. I know about finals, I actually have one tomorrow. and thanks for checking out my blog.